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Our Vision

What Inspires Us

We will attain business excellence by providing our clientele with innovation products which satisfy their needs and expectations.

The Mission

The company exists to manufacture and market food products both in the local and export markets.

Core values and beliefs

  1. Integrity- as a company, we believe-in and value honesty and strong moral principles in all business undertakings
  2. Fairness- We will always endeavor to have acceptable undertakings with regard to all our stake holders in all situations
  3. Involvement of people- In the spirit of building a strong customer oriented culture, we will involve our people actively to creatively come up with solutions to problems
  4. Development of people- We have a business principle to make our staff better both at work and outside work ( A high quality of work life and quality of life in general)
  5. Continual improvement-We will actively seek and adopt new and improved ways of operating to continually improve our business performance
  6. Listening to the customer- We believe that everything we do is geared towards the customer and as such their views and concerns will always be listened to and addressed accordingly
  7. Environmental sustainability- We believe in caring for the environment and making all our operations sustainable with regard to the environment in which we operate

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